Wireless RFID Attendance System

Wireless RFID Attendance System

  • Wireless RFID Attendance System
  • Overview

    Wireless RFID Attendance System is with simple and hassle free GPRS interface, it is easy to integrate into any kind of existing applications includes static and cloud applications. It can be used as hand help computer if printer not required as well can be used as attendance system with password system.

  • Features

    arrow  Wireless, Easy and User friendly
    arrow  GPRS based Push data technology
    arrow  Server Load optimization
    arrow  In absence of network, data stores in memory
    arrow  Optional IP/HTTP URL Communication
    arrow  Accurate data Export and USB/SMS based settings

  • Usage Areas

    arrow  School / College Attendance
    arrow  Loyalty Points Top-up
    arrow  Office Employee Attendance
    arrow  Remote Monitoring System