Handheld Computers

Handheld Computers

  • Handheld Computers
  • Overview

    Handheld computer is GPRS enabled machine. The device is compact and light weight (less than 500 gms). The machine is equipped with technology which serves various industry verticals. The device is WEB/USB enabled which helps the operator to get instant bill remotely and update transactions back to the server.

  • Features

    arrow  Billing Machine is easy to operate and user friendly
    arrow  It is highly secured with password protection
    arrow  It is accessible to remote application via GPRS
    arrow  It hold the customer data in memory
    arrow  Accurate data Import and Export settings.

  • Usage Areas

    arrow  Electricity & Water Billing
    arrow  Cable & Internet Billing
    arrow  Canteen & Hotel Billing
    arrow  Finance & Daily Bill Collection
    arrow  Bus & Parking Ticketing
    arrow  Distribution & Retail Billing
    arrow  Petrol & Tollgate Tokens
    arrow  All types of General Billing