Web Application Development

Web Application Development

Enter the world of web applications! Ranging in scope from supply chain and customer relationship management to human resource management, this new breed of web-based systems can be accessed from any Internet browser on any platform.

SAPIO SOLUTIONS has a long track record of developing fully integrated web-based applications, such as supply chain management systems designed specifically for small businesses.

What our application can do for you:

arrow   Reduce infrastructure costs
arrow    Eliminate travel expenses
arrow    Improve time to market
arrow    Provide you with reliable and secure communications
arrow    Flexibility of operations

Customer Relationship Managment (CRM)

SAPIO SOLUTIONS designs solutions to improve communication between you and your customer. SAPIO SOLUTIONS helps you increase business productivity and reduce cost. Our solutions are designed and developed using cutting-edge technology by our expert CRM team of developers. SAPIO SOLUTIONS solutions enhance your current CRM strategy by providing efficient and easy to use methods of communicating with your customers.

We understand that technology alone is not the only way to success, and that's why we combine our technical expertise with your business objectives in order to serve you better. We integrate several integrated applications to form a CRM system, which can help you maximize profitability and customer satisfaction. Our solutions can help you integrate a multi-channel CRM strategy effectively and efficiently. We give our best to maximize returns on your customer database. Our solutions are available as an integrated enterprise suite of applications or as stand-alone applications.

Soft Manage is one of our CRM offerings. It is a high performance web-based email management system that enables your company to route, track and respond to high volumes of customer emails and web form submissions.

The features list of Soft Manage includes, but is not limited to:

arrow   Multiple Users and Message locking
arrow    Configurable Security Roles
arrow    Pre-Response Templates
arrow    Threaded Conversation Technology
arrow    Flexible Routing Rules
arrow    Comprehensive Reporting Tools
arrow   Web-based hosted solution

Soft Manage gives your company best-of-breed functionalities for every aspect of online service, sales and marketing operations, from workflow and routing, to agent productivity to management and administration.